Sunday, April 13, 2014

The movie Children of Men was profound. Its portrayal of a world bereft of the joy of children was almost chilling. It was really cool to see how the world would look in such a scenario, especially given the realistic chances of something like that happening.

One scene that I liked was when Theo and the woman travelling with the girl were standing in Sid’s house looking out at the old playground, and how she talked about how still the world had become without the sound of children. That was a very interesting scene, to see the deeper effects of fertility loss on humanity. Children are something most people take for granted, and the darkness of the movie illustrated how important kids are to the brightness of life.

The movie connected to the Hunger Games in a couple of ways that stood out to me. One was obviously the gloomy feel to life in London. It felt like there was nothing to be happy about, that people were just carrying on their lives and going through the motions. Another way was the oppressive nature of the government. Although not quite on the level of President’s Snows atrocities, the imprisoning and abuse of non-British certainly was a parallel to the culture of fear that existed in Panem. Finally, I also noticed how the main rebels in the movie were violent and at times extremely cruel. This reminded me of how sometimes the people rebelling aren’t necessarily going to be more righteous leaders than the people they’re trying to overthrow. Although I don’t think they were on the same level as Coin, their willingness to do absolutely whatever it took to get what they wanted was definitely an interesting connection to the Hunger Games.

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