Sunday, April 13, 2014

Unfortunately I had to miss class on the day Dr. Mazeroff came to speak to the class, but I was able to look through the power point that went along with his talk and get a good idea of what he talked about. What I want to do here is go through a few of the steps in the Hero’s Journey and compare them to Katniss’s experience.

The first thing I want to look at is the Departure stage, specifically the annihilation of self idea. By volunteering as tribute in the Hunger Games, Katniss essentially commits a delayed version of suicide. Then there is the initiation phase, which to me was when Katniss learned the culture of the Capitol, or at least tried to. The power point mentions that part of this stage is dying to oneself, which in a sense would be what Katniss has to do, putting aside her own feelings of contempt and disgust at the people in the Capitol in order to win over sponsors. However, as we know, she pretty much fails to do so, shooting an arrow through a pig’s mouth in an act of angst. Even when the people do fall in love with her, its not so much because she tried to win them over so much as it is they are fascinated by her blunt personality.

Finally, I want to consider Katniss’s return, which in Dr. Mazeroff’s presentation said that the trick was to “retain wisdom…and share it with the rest of the world”. To me, Katniss doesn’t follow this path, which is not necessarily her fault. What she “learned” by participating in the Hunger Games is not really something she can come home and share with her District. When she does take on a position of leadership in the rebellion, it’s definitely more reluctant that perhaps the more stereotypical hero’s return.

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