Thursday, May 8, 2014

       This year we have covered a very wide variety of topics. We’ve talked about ancient Roman gladiators, how the film adaptations of books are different from their original paper version, how culture can affect revolutions, and many others. While very different, each of these topics has one thing in common: they can all be related to The Hunger Games trilogy. We had many guest lectures, each from an expert in a certain field that can be related to the trilogy. We even watched Children of Men,  a dystopian film that featured an incredibly depressing world that had no children.
       Ultimately, I learned many things this semester. Coming in, I had no idea what to expect so far as how we were going to talk about The Hunger Games for an entire semester. I mean, they’re great books but I couldn’t see us finding things to discuss for that long. Little did I know we would find so many things to dissect and analyze from the books, and so many other subjects to compare the story to. I think my favorite section was our talks about the nature of evil. Dr. Baron’s lecture about how we define good was very interesting, to see how we as a society compartmentalize good deeds and what makes someone a good person. In addition to that, probably the most profound experience I’ve had here at McDaniel listening to the Holocaust Survivor talk. To hear first hand how evil some men can be, how totally the human life can be stripped down and made worthless was astounding. His talk was emotionally charged, and I sincerely enjoyed listening to him.

       All in all, I had a great experience this semester. My analytical skills were greatly improved, and I was able to look at a great story in so many different ways.

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